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Chill Contour is the first treatment that combines two types of body contouring into one 30 minute procedure! It’s scientifically-proven to give you fat burning and muscle building benefits without exercising! Better yet: the fat loss is permanent, and the procedure is non-invasive with zero recovery time!

The Chill Contour procedure combines two potent body contouring techniques: magnetic waves that induce muscle contractions and gentle heat that induces fat cell destruction.

What is Chill Contour?

Chill Contour eliminates fat cells and builds muscle non-invasively!

Here’s How Chill Contour Works:

Chill Contour works by using gentle heat and magnetic waves at the same time.

  • 1 to 4 Chill Contour applicators are applied to your desired body area(s) such as your stomach, legs, buttocks, arms, back etc. Our device has 4 applicators so you can treat multiple areas at one time.
  • Magnetic waves & gentle heat are sent deep into your tissue, causing the fat & muscle tissues to heat up.
  • The temperature in your muscles heats up quickly by several degrees. This gets your muscles ready for stress, similar to the stress they encounter when you do a warm-up exercise before a workout.
  •  After four minutes, the temperature in your subcutaneous fat (the fat just below your skin) induces apoptosis, which occurs when fat cells are permanently damaged and removed from the body slowly.
  • The magnetic stimulation causes muscle fibers to contract at intensities that cannot be achieved during a regular workout. This type of stress forces the muscle to increase the number of muscle fibers and cells that it has, which increases muscle growth and volume. A single Chill Contour treatment causes about 20,000 muscle contractions!
  •  During one procedure, users can expect to permanently destroy fat cells and build muscle mass!!

How Often Should I Do Chill Contour for the BEST Results?

For best results, it is recommended to do a minimum of four treatments over the course of four weeks. If additional treatments are need to achieve your desired body shape, you can continue with treatments once weekly for up to 12 weeks.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Chill Contour:

Most clients experience a rapid, measurable, notifiable reduction in fat as well as an increase in muscle mass. These changes are 100 times better and faster than the client could achieve on their with just diet & exercise!

  • Reduction in fat
  •  Improvements in muscle tone & definition
  •  Strengthening of muscles
  •  Lifting of muscles & tissue in the treatment area

When Will I See Results from Chill Contour Treatments:

While most clients see an immediate difference after just one treatment, maximum results take one to 3 months to fully realize! This is because it does take time for the destroyed fat to be evacuated out of your body.
To accelerate fat detoxification we do recommend complementary treatments such as slim pod, infrared sauna, whole body cryotherapy and dynamic compression.
Muscle toning & building results can be visible faster than fat reduction. Many clients notice a difference within one to two days after treatment!

How Many Chill Contour Treatments Will I Need?

Multiple treatments are often needed to get the desired results. How many treatments will depend on your personal objectives and body shape. More fat reduction does take more treatments; more muscle enhancement requires more treatments.
Many clients see results in as little as one treatment. You’ll need to discuss your treatment plan with your Chill Cryotherapy technician to determine the best treatment protocol for you. We offer single treatments, 4 and 6 treatment packages.
Patience is important: Results from clinical trials showed that patients who were initially disappointed with their results saw an 85% improvement in satisfaction after the fourth treatment!

How Often Should I schedule My Chill Contour Procedures?

Procedures can be scheduled within five to 10 days of each other.

Where can You Use Chill Contour:

Chill Contour is excellent for reducing fat & building muscle contour on many body parts such as:

  • stomach
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • back
  • bra area
  • arms

Is there any downtime associated with Chill Contour Treatments?

Chill Contour has zero down time, meaning that the recipient can go about their day as they normally would after treatment

What To Expect During A Chill Contour Procedure

A Chill Contour procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. During this time, clients do not feel any pain. Many users say that the sensation is comparable to a hot stone massage. Users will feel intense muscle contractions along with a heating sensation.

Who Can Get Great Results with Chill Contour Treatments?

Chill Contour is an ideal solution for men & women who have tried dieting and exercise but still cannot achieve their desired body shape. In addition to burning fat with heat, Chill Contour helps build lean muscle mass which helps the body to naturally burn more fat by increasing metabolism.
**Clients with BMI less than 35 are great candidates for Chill Contour to achieve optimal body shape.
**Clients with BMI greater than 35 can use Chill Contour to reduce BMI as the treatment builds muscle and burns fat. Clients with BMI greater than 35 generally require more than 4 treatments to achieve desired results.
**Chill Contour can also strengthen hard-to-reach muscles, including those responsible for aiding in bladder control. Women who suffer from urinary incontinence or added fat mass and muscle loss after childbirth can benefit from Chill Contour as it helps return your body back to its pre-pregnancy state.
**Men with added fat mass and muscle loss may benefit from Chill Contour as they age to retain their younger physique.

Chill Cryotherapy Offers Chill Contour Treatments!

Chill Cryotherapy is happy to offer our clients this amazing treatment. Our technicians are certified and trained administrators of the Chill Contour procedure. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build muscle, or both, Chill Contour can help you. Chill Contour clients feel more confident in their skin by correcting problem areas better than exercise and diet alone!

*After photos taken after four treatments with Chill Contour

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