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Chill Cryotherapy Offers Tirzepatide!  

Tirzepatide is the generic name for the prescription medication Mounjaro. Tirzepatide has been shown to cause more weight loss than any other medication in its class, including Semaglutide.

How does Tirzepatide lower your blood sugar and help you lose weight?

Tirzepatide lowers your sugars in multiple ways.

  1. It slows down the speed at which your stomach empties food into your intestine. This helps manage your blood sugars after eating while leaving you feeling full longer.
  2. It increases insulin production.
  3. Tirzepatide tells the liver to slow down glucose production and release, decreasing blood sugar levels.
  4. It improves satiety, so you feel full faster. Most people eat less, leading to weight loss. Many patients can keep the weight off because they change their eating habits & relationship with food!
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